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North-westernly of the village in distance of two kilometers the chapel of Saint Christina is found. It is unknown when the chapel was considered to be on the honor of Saint Paraskevi, who is also especially honored.

It is built in the ridge of a hill, in spectacular place. Easternly and southernly there are crofts and gardens. On the west the Mountain of Pyroi is raised , full of pines. It took the name of "Fire", perhaps from the red colour of soil. on the North the steep pyramidical mountain of Hainatou is raised. From a narration of my grand mother, it took its name from some robbers who were called said "Hainides" and had their den there. There in the chapel the wild and tame around nature are compatibly matched. The chapel is connected with a nice street, with the main street of Aska' – Fterikoudiou.

It is a small monoklitos church of Royal style, with the characteristic type of the very inclining roof of churches of the region Troodous, with tile plate and hook, that is hanged in the morines of the roof. Its architecture has been maintained well without differentiations.

The experts claim that in the old times they have expanded the church, with extension to the west, from there where the murals stop. Also that the only existing window, was the door of entry of the initial building. I have doubts for this, because firstly the window is very narrow for entry and second the window remains internally unbreakable connected with the murals, as it was before.

The church was built in 1518. Donors were Konstantinos Marda'kis and his wife Mantelen. He is reported a in sign in the interior of the church above the window.

The Sanctuary of the church and the half of the mainly temple, are religious painted. The murals have been maintained by the department of antiquities in 1993 – 1994 and they are marvelous. It is likely to be a work of Simeon Axenti, who lived and created at this period.

The texts on the churches and the chapels were written by Reverend Papandrea Dimosthenous.

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